DREAM DOGZ training philosophy is designed in a way that ensures your dog’s welfare and well-being. Behavioural problems can occur due to various, underlying reasons. The most important part for us is identifying these reasons by:

  1. Asking you to complete a Profile form (provided after initial enquiry). This will give as adequate information on your dog’s health and behavioural history as well as his/her¬†living conditions and enrichment (e.g. exercise) strategies.
  2. Ruling out any health reasons that might affect your dog’s behaviour (if not, a referral to a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviourist is required)

A Phone / Video Phone consult can help us assess your dog’s case further and provide basic information and Training guidelines.

In most cases, a Private Consultation is recommended in order to teach you how to assess, train, address and manage your dog’s problematic behaviour/s.

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