DREAM DOGZ Positive Training offers a series of services:

Group Classes according to your dog’s age, training level and temperament.

– In-home Private Consultations for more demanding cases such as:

  • Problematic Behaviours (e.g. Excessive Jumping, Barking, Destructive behaviours etc.)
  • Managing Diagnosed Conditions (e.g. Anxiety)
  • Setting up Training, Management and Enrichment programs

Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary training and management strategies in order to get the best possible results.

Our training methodology is based on scientifically tested and proven techniques. Your dog’s welfare and well-being is our main priority.

We do not encourage or promote any form of punishment (verbal or physical).

Every dog is different. Getting to know your dog is critical in order to provide the best possible services. Whether you choose to participate in our Group Classes or need in-home Private Consultations, the completion of a Profile form (provided after initial enquiry) is required prior to training commencement.


In light of all recent & ongoing events regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have decided to modify some of our existing services as well as adding some new ones in order to adhere to all regulations and help slow down its uncontrollable spread.

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