In light of all recent & ongoing events regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have decided to modify some of our existing services as well as adding some new ones in order to adhere to all regulations and help slow down its uncontrollable spread.

Your dog’s welfare will always be our first priority.

And so is your health. All our new services adhere to strict rules of social distancing and impeccable hygiene standards.

In addition to our regular services where we still abide by all health & safety regulations, we will also be offering the following ones:

Online Initial Assessment / Consultation

The Online Initial Consultation/Assessment lasts 45-60 minutes and is done by video call. It will assist us in getting a clearer picture regarding your dog, his/her living conditions and the severity of the problem. You will receive a General Report and a customised Treatment Plan containing relevant training, management and enrichment strategies based on your dog’s case.

Private Training sessions

The vast majority of our private training programs are taking place while at least one of the dog’s parents is present.

We have modified this by maintaining a safe distance of at least 1.5 m. between our trainers and yourselves and by conducting all sessions in an outdoor area of the house (e.g. the backyard).

All training programs include 2 sessions per week, free clicker and treats (excl. special diets). You will also be receiving a Weekly Report and Treatment Plan.

Solo Training Program

With this program, the training is done for you! You do not have to be present while that training takes place.

The Solo Training Program includes 2-3 sessions per week, free clicker & treats (excl. special diets), training/instructional videos and a full General Report & Treatment Plan provided each week. The program’s minimum duration is 2 weeks (4-6 sessions).


This program is specifically designed to train your dog in outdoor situations (e.g. Loose Lead Walking, Gradual confidence building with unfamiliar dogs, Reinforcing recalls etc.) while simultaneously providing adequate enrichment (mental and physical).

It is ideal for busy households that don’t have the time to train and adequately exercise their dog/s.

It includes: free clicker and treats (excl. special diets) and the use of our own, fully sanitised training equipment (flat collar and/or balance harness). You will also be receiving a weekly General Report to monitor your dog’s progress.

Jason was a fantastic trainer. He offered really useful, sensible and caring support to us to help us with the behavioural issues with our dog. I could not recommend him more!

Sarah Quick

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