Huntingdale Primary School Oval

18-20 Clarendon Avenue

Oakleigh South (3166)


Group classes are ideal for parents that want to teach their dogs a series of basic, intermediate and advanced behaviours and cues.

  • We offer a customised training program for each dog’s individual needs (a Profile form must be completed prior to training commencement).
  • Classes are being assembled according to your dog’s age, temperament and training level.
  • We have a great network of liaises (especially veterinary behaviourists) to properly assess potential health and behavioural issues. This guarantees your dog’s on-going welfare and well-being.
  • Small number of people/dogs per class thus ensuring more individual attention for you and your dog (maximum 6 dogs per class).
  • Screens used between each dog thus minimising visual stimulation/arousal between dogs. They also assists in settling. A dog that settles quickly is as important as a well-trained dog.
  • Additional training clickers – mats – toys – extra treats offered.
  • We provide continuous support (follow ups) to check on your dog’s progress after completion of class training sessions.