Our Juvenile/Adult Classes are ideal for older dogs that need to learn the basics and/or parents that want to take their dog’s training to the next level. Each class is assembled according to the dog’s temperament, age and training level.

Eligible ages: 6 months and over

Maximum number of dogs per class: 6

Maximum number of people per dog: 2 (or 2 adults + 1 child)

This is a 6 week training program constituted by:

  1. A dog-free session (Orientation Week) where we will go through all the training basics such as:
  • Animal Learning
  • Identifying Dog Body Language Signals
  • Dog Origins
  • How Clicker Training works?
  • Managing your dog’s Arousal Levels
  • House Rules (Q&A – Entering and Exiting the Class – Hygiene etc.)

and more.

2. 5 Training Sessions where you will learn how to teach your dog:

  • A series of important cues (e.g. Drop & Stand on cue – Come when called – Stay, Mat training etc.)
  • A series of good manners (e.g. Sit for Greeting – Allow handling, grooming and restraint – Leave objects when asked etc.)
  • Loose Lead Walking & Walk close to cross a road

and more.

and some general education for the parents such as:

  • Basic Health care
  • Appropriate Handling and Restraint
  • Car Safety
  • Guidance and Guardianship
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Management and Strategies for Problem Behaviours (e.g. excessive barking, jumping etc.)
  • On-lead management around other dogs

and more.

Prior to booking, a Profile form completion is required (sent after initial enquiry). This will assist us in providing the best possible training and management strategies suited to your own dog’s individual needs.

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