DREAM DOGalso offers Phone / Video Phone (e.g. Skype) consults. They are recommended for various cases such as:

  • Dog parents that require general advice and guidelines.
  • Dog parents located in remote – rural areas
  • Cases that might require referral to a veterinary behaviourist (e.g. repetitive / compulsive behaviours).
  • Specific, problematic behaviours (e.g. excessive jumping and/or barking) occurring in one or more areas of the house (or other areas).
  • Implementing management and behavioural enrichment strategies.
  • Teaching individual behaviours.

Once the consult is completed, DREAM DOGZ will send you an email containing the main points mentioned, along with a series of relevant handouts.

For more demanding cases, the completion of a Profile form (provided after initial enquiry) on your dog’s medical and behavioural history might be required prior to Phone / Video phone consult commencement.

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