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Private Consultations are taking place in your home and are usually recommended for more demanding cases such as:

  • You and/or your dog have physical limitations which make it difficult to attend a class.
  • The dog is not suitable to attend a group class (e.g. dog or lead reactivity, fearful of unfamiliar dogs and/or people, fearful of environment etc.).
  • Various cases of Anxiety Disorders (e.g. separation, generalised, global fear etc.) diagnosed and referred by a veterinarian or veterinary behaviourist.
  • Specific, problematic behaviours (e.g. excessive jumping, digging and/or barking) occurring in one or more areas of the house (or other areas).
  • Teaching individual behaviours/cues (e.g. Loose Lead Walking, Recalls, Mat training, Stay etc.)
  • Learning about general training methods and strategies as well as reading and understanding your dog’s Body Language
  • Establishing and implementing appropriate routines and strategies (training, management and enrichment) in order to succeed in having a relaxed and happy canine companion.

Each dog is different and it is sometimes difficult to clarify if the reason/s behind a problematic behaviour is Health, Training and/or Management related just by mentioning the problem. This is why at DREAM DOGZ, the completion of a Profile form (provided after initial enquiry) is required prior to training commencement. This will give us important information regarding your dog’s medical & behavioural history, his/her current living conditions as well as the training, management and enrichment strategies that you are using.

The Initial Consultation/Assessment lasts usually 1-2 hours. It will assist us in getting a clearer picture regarding your dog, his living conditions and the severity of the problem. You will receive a General Handout containing relevant training, management and enrichment strategies based on your dog’s case.

From then on, we offer a series of Training Programs to provide a more practical and detailed approach for your dog’s training. The goal is to ensure that you, the parents, completely understand the training principals and strategies involved and that your dog is achieving continuous progress.

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