Cat Behaviour Programs

    Treat behavioural issues in the comfort of your home
    • In person assessment
    • Customised Training Plan
    • Management Strategies

    Dream Dogz is in a strategic partnership with Treat Me Right Animal Behaviour Training in order to provide the most comprehensive services possible for both cats and dogs.

    The Cat Behaviour Programs are designed to help you and your cat with issues that might arise within the home. They are ideal for various cases such as:

    • Various cases of diagnosed Anxiety Disorders (generalised, fear aggression etc.), referred by a veterinarian or veterinary behaviourist
    • Inappropriate toileting and/or scratching furniture
    • Fear and reactivity (towards people and/or other animals) within the home
    • New pet introductions
    • Carrier Training
    • Grooming & Handling
    • Confidence building
    • Establishing and implementing appropriate routines and strategies (training, management and enrichment) in order to succeed in having a relaxed and happy feline companion

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    Behavioural problems can occur due to various, underlying issues (e.g. frustration, boredom, stress, medical reasons, unclear message etc).

    There are many occasions where behavioural issues (inappropriate toileting, reactivity etc.) can have a deeper, underlying cause for their occurrence rather than being considered just a training issue.

    Our first goal is to identify these reasons by:

    • Asking you to complete a Pre-Consultation Questionnaire (provided after initial enquiry) for your cat. This will give us important information regarding your cat’s medical and behavioural history, his/her current living conditions, as well as the training, management and enrichment strategies that you are using.
    • Ruling out any health reasons that might affect your cat’s behaviour. If not, a referral to a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviourist is required.
    • Attending an Initial Consultation prior to any program commencement. This will assist us in getting a clearer picture regarding your cat’s behavioural issues, his/her living conditions and the severity of the problem. You will also receive a Training Plan containing relevant training, management and enrichment strategies based on your cat’s case.
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