COVID-19 Services

    COVID-19 Update

    The Victorian government has enacted a state of disaster to enforce coronavirus restrictions. As a result, we will be offering solely online (video call) services in order to adhere to all regulations and help slow down its uncontrollable spread.

    During the Stage 4 lockdown, we will be offering the following services:

    Online Initial Assessment/Consultation

    The Online Initial Assessment/Consultation lasts 60-90 minutes and is done by video call. It will assist us in getting a clearer picture regarding your dog, his/her living conditions and the severity of the problem. You will receive a General Report and a customised Treatment Plan containing relevant training, management and enrichment strategies based on your dog’s case.

    Online Puppy Training Program

    This is the online version of our Senior Puppy Class training program.

    This is a 5 week training program constituted by

    Orientation week: a pup-free session where we will go through all the training basics such as:

    • Animal learning
    • Identifying dog body language signals
    • How clicker training works?
    • Managing your dog’s arousal levels

    Four online training sessions where you will learn how to teach your puppy:

    • A series of basic cues: Sit – Drop – Come – Respond to name – Settle on mat – Stay etc.
    • A series of good manners: Sit for greeting – No jumping – Accept collar holds etc.
    • Loose lead walking fundamentals

    Parent education topics such as:

    • Handling and grooming
    • Toilet training
    • Bite inhibition
    • Appropriate play for this age group
    • Understanding and managing appropriate behaviour for this age group

    Not every dog is suitable for a group class environment. This is why you must complete a Profile form, which we will send you prior to booking. This will assist us in understanding your dog’s individual needs and choosing the most appropriate course of action.

    Online Training Programs

    This is the online version of our In-home Private Training Programs.

    Our Online Training Programs are designed to provide a more detailed approach when training your dog. They are ideal for various cases such as:

    • Various cases of diagnosed Anxiety Disorders (separation, generalised, global fear etc.), referred by a veterinarian or veterinary behaviourist
    • Specific problematic behaviours (excessive jumping, digging, barking etc.) occurring within your house or other areas
    • Teaching individual behaviours/cues (loose lead walking, recalls, mat training, stay etc.)
    • Learning about general training methods and strategies as well as reading and understanding your dog’s body language
    • Establishing and implementing appropriate routines and strategies (training, management and enrichment) in order to succeed in having a relaxed and happy canine companion
    Please contact us for further information