Social Skills Class

    Socialise your dog in a safe and controlled environment
    • Dogs older than 6 months
    • Maximum 4 dogs per class
    • Maximum 2 adults + 1 child per puppy

    Our Social Skills classes are designed for parents who want to socialise their dog in a safe and controlled environment. They are ideal for:

    • Dogs that haven’t had proper or adequate socialisation (e.g. a recently adopted dog requiring gradual & positive introductions to other dogs)
    • Conflicted dogs that are willing to interact with other dogs but not sure of how to do it properly
    • Our Group class graduates who want to continue socialising appropriately in a controlled environment
    • Our Private session clients who want to continue implementing the strategies they have learned (e.g. counter-conditioning) in a controlled environment

    During our Training Sessions you will learn:

    • On-lead management around other dogs.
    • Strategies on how to safely introduce your dog to other dogs (parallel walking, checking in etc).
    • How to read your dog’s body language to determine his/her emotional state
    • How to ensure that your dog has a positive experience around other dogs

    This program has no specific duration. You can attend as many classes as you want. Our requirements are:

    For Newcomers (dogs that have not attended any of our training programs)

    • Completing a Profile form for your dog. This will assist us in understanding your dog’s individual needs. We will send you this form after your initial enquiry
    • Completing a 30 minute in-home assessment to discuss your case in more detail and determine your dog’s suitability for the class
    • Enrolling at least 48 hours prior to class commencement

    For our Graduates (dogs that have attended either our classes and/or Private training programs)

    • Enrolling at least 48 hours prior to class commencement
    Check out our Pricing page for dates and pricing info