Veterinary Nurse Services

    Medical procedure assistance in the comfort of your home
    • Administering medication (according to veterinary direction)
    • Anal gland expression
    • Nail trims
    • Counterconditioning to handling and restraint for veterinary purposes

    Dream Dogz is in a strategic partnership with Treat Me Right Animal Behaviour Training in order to provide the most comprehensive services possible for your canine and feline companions.

    Emily Hajdinjak is an experienced Veterinary Nurse and a certified Fear Free Professional. Her services are ideal for various cases such as:

    • Dogs and/or cats requiring medication that is difficult to administer (e.g. eye & ear drops, injections etc.)
    • Parents struggling to trim their dog’s and/or cat’s nails
    • Preparing your pet for veterinary procedures
    • Muzzle training
    • Establishing and implementing appropriate management and training strategies in order to succeed in having a relaxed animal during vet visits
    Limited service areas apply – please enquire for your location
    Check out our Pricing page for dates and pricing info