Train your dog in outdoor situations
    • Weekly General Report
    • Weekdays only
    • Free clicker and treats (*)

    * Special diets excluded

    The Walk'n'Train Program is specifically designed to train your dog in outdoor situations (e.g. loose lead walking, gradual confidence building with unfamiliar dogs, reinforcing recalls etc.) while simultaneously providing adequate mental and physical enrichment. You do not have to be present during the training sessions.

    During this program we provide our own, fully sanitised, training equipment (flat collar, balance harness, long lead etc).

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    The Dream Dogz training philosophy is designed to ensure your dog’s welfare and well-being at every stage.

    Behavioural problems can occur due to various, underlying issues (e.g. frustration, boredom, stress, medical reasons, unclear message etc).

    There are many occasions where behavioural issues (excessive barking, destructive behaviours etc.) can have a deeper, underlying cause for their occurrence rather than being considered just a training issue.

    Our first goal is to identify these reasons by:

    • Asking you to complete a Profile Form (provided after initial enquiry) for your dog. This will give us important information regarding your dog’s medical and behavioural history, his/her current living conditions, as well as the training, management and enrichment (e.g. physical exercise) strategies that you are using.
    • Ruling out any health reasons that might affect your dog’s behaviour. If not, a referral to a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviourist is required.
    • Attending an Initial Assessment/Consultation prior to any program commencement. This will assist us in getting a clearer picture regarding your dog’s behavioural issues, his/her living conditions and the severity of the problem. You will also receive a General Report and Treatment Plan containing relevant training, management and enrichment strategies based on your dog’s case.
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